There is no excuse for homelessness in a nation so rich. 

There is a trait that is unique to us as a species, no matter where we are born, no matter our income, our talents, or our skills: humanity. 

Humanity connects us all and is the foundation for all progress in society. It is a principle so simple that it’s easy to forget and easy to discard in favor of statistics, charts and graphs. Chicago can be, and will be, the city that remembers how skewed that reasoning is. Whether it’s how we treat each other or how our government redistributes our tax dollars, we will be a city that leaves no one out in the cold.

Monetary gains should never overshadow the value of human life and human dignity. 

  • PRIORITIZE HOUSING for the homeless. Ensuring everyone has a place to call home is the first step in solving drug dependency, mental health and personality disorders. When people have homes, they not only have the motivation to improve their lives through drug rehabilitation and mental health assistance, but can also be directed to the services that can assist them in doing so.
  • INCREASE FUNDING for community services, enabling care delivery and empowering those who receive those services to give back to the community. All people need to feel useful, and that they are contributing to their neighborhood.
  • DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY that funds from Medicaid are being delivered to their targeted mandate. Money designated for community resources are diverted to the general Medicaid fund, which has no ability to control where that money is spent. Without a Medicaid card, the chance to get help is reduced and local services are limited–in addition, those who need these resources the most, are least likely to be enrolled in Medicaid. 
  • DENY TIF RECIPIENTS the ability to buy out of the required contributions for low-cost housing. All people in our community deserve affordable housing, not just luxury condos. Learn more about TIF >>

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