At the heart of our fiscal and social problems lies the disintegration of our public school system.

I am ready to fight for a community where parents make decisions for the future of their children after having all the facts–not cheated by the CEOs and hedge fund managers who have usurped our children’s future for profit. I’m ready to fight for a city that remembers that schools are a place for all children to think, question, explore, and dream–not prepare endlessly for ineffective standardized testing. I will fight for our teachers to have the freedom to truly teach, and are given the opportunity to connect with their students in ways only great educators can.

There is no one solution to the complexity of educating our children. There are dozens of influences that will effect the course of a child’s academic career.

  • ESTABLISHING A FULLY ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD to end the Mayor’s hold on the education of our children. No longer can officials be personal appointments of Mayor Emmanuel, who are there for his needs and not the needs of our children.
  • PRIORITIZE PUBLIC SCHOOLS over corporate-owned charter schools.  Charter schools have not proven their success by any legitimate examination, yet we continue to pull money away from our public schools to finance them. Funneling money away from public school education guarantees their failure in favor of the private sector and breaks unions.
  • INTEGRATION OF PROGRESSIVE STANDARDS applied equally throughout our public schools. Our ward needs a multi-discipline taskforce that collectively analyzes statistical data and determines specific needs based on resources available.
  • MAKE CHICAGO A LEADER in public school education. Schools that are equally and adequately funded, teachers who are respected as professionals, and curriculum that is progressive allows children the freedom to think and grow as the future leaders of our community.

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