Chicago is at risk of financial default due to self-serving and irresponsible leaders.

Chicago is tumbling into bankruptcy and we must act quickly to save our city.  The Mayor and his self-concerned bureaucrats would tell you there’s no need for alarm but the numbers aren’t adding up. Mayor Emmanuel is jumping ship in order to avoid taking responsibility for his reckless leadership, leaving us with the bill.  By 2045, we will have contributed 17 billion dollars to a fiscal crisis that will be no closer to being solved. Our debt and pension fund crisis will continue to drag this city to its knees.  It is time to push back on the failed theory of “Trickle Down Economics”; a concept that has been repeatedly proven to only service the 1% and leave the rest of us with its devastating effects. 

Government can work for the people, it was created to work for the people–let’s put it to work again.

We won’t solve our debt crisis alone but with all options made available to us, Chicago can overcome this mounting obstacle.  It is time to end wishful thinking and get down to solving the biggest problem facing our city and our ward: 

  • A FEDERALLY DIRECTED ORDINANCE requesting federal and state assistance to mitigate the effects of our growing debt crisis on the city’s future thereby improving life in our ward. 
  • DEMAND LEGITIMATE PROGRESSIVE TAX REFORM and that community resources, public services, employment and educational opportunities should be the priority of future budgets.
  • SWIFT IMPLEMENTATION of the $15 minimum wage increase. Everyone benefits when the power of the purse rests with the people, not the 1%.  The real job creators are the American consumers; that’s at the core of capitalism.
  • REQUIRE CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY instead of the backroom deals that have allowed them to plunder our city for strictly personal gain. Tax incentives and agreements should stipulate that without proper proof of their benefit to the city’s economy and quality of life, those corporations will not be eligible for reduced tax rates.

✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

This is the true challenge of our time and we are ready for this fight.